It’s Top Management’s Responsibility

Top management are responsible for the overall direction and performance of a business.  Whether known or unknown, it is the desire of all top management to have systems and tools available to provide solutions for their obligations.  Once management understand the benefits of a “one system” solution that integrates the management of different domains (e.g. quality, financial performance, sustainability etc.) in steering the organisation to optimisation and excellence, buy-in from all levels of management can be achieved.


A Management System cannot be effectively operational in an organisation unless top management is involved and driving it from the ‘top-down’, a practice which was lacking in the previous versions of the Standards.


In addition to the management activities already mentioned,  and in line with its commitment to continual improvement in its performance, it is the responsibility of management to:

  • Provide the necessary resources
  • Provide for the setting of objectives at various levels and functions within the organisation to achieve its goals
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Analysis data in order to determine performance
  • Conduct management reviews in order to evaluate the performance of the intergrated management system
  • Commit to, and demonstrate, continual improvement in its performance
  • Determine whether the management system remains suitable, adequate and effective for the organisation’s needs.