Assisting our clients to build sustainable organisations (which to us simply means “organisations that will be here for the long term”) with proud legacies is what we do. It should come as no surprise to find that we seek to do the same when it comes to our own business.

We live (and work) by three guiding principles…

Quality in detail

Since 1991, Standards & Legal has been building a reputation for quality workmanship – delivering clear, thorough, accurate and well thought-through written content for its clients. Excellence, attention-to-detail and consistency are not simply words to us, they are traits evidenced in our daily work.

Endless innovation

We believe that every technology and system can be improved upon, continuously. It’s always possible to discover a better way of doing something, and to iterate processes and procedures accordingly. With this in mind, we actively look at the technologies and systems that are used, for ourselves and our clients, on an ongoing basis, and consider better ways of achieving stated business goals and objectives.Once we discover a better way, we incorporate it into our product and service offering.

Integrated thinking

The problems faced by the businesses of the future will be solved by diverse groups of individuals with different cultural, experiential and academic orientations and perspectives. For this reason, we employ a diverse team of people with different skills. Then we peer-review all our work before sending it to clients. This guarantees that a broad range of perspectives is drawn upon and the best wisdom presented, every time.