It seems simple enough: find out what the law is and make sure you stay compliant. But with legislation and other legal requirements and organisational dynamics changing all the time, maintaining legal compliance is an impossible task – unless you have a world-class legal register platform at your fingertips. With the long-term sustainability of your business at stake, our platform is not only efficient and innovative, but truly essential.

Our services include…

Management Standard-Aligned Legal Registers

Obtain site-specific, online Legal Registers and the supporting legislation and other legal requirements Updating Service. The Legal Registers delivered through Libryo align with the following international management standards:


ISO 9001



ISO 14001



OHSAS 18001

Occupational health and safety


ISO 22000

Food safety


ISO 27001

Information security


ISO 50001

Energy management

Legal Register Features:

Site specific

Perfectly tailored legal registers. No more digging through “haystacks” of legal information trying to find the guidance you need.

Full scope

“As amended” full-text legislation on a national and local level, as well as other legal requirements and other obligations which are legally binding.

Fully up to date

Receive daily updates of relevant proposed and final legislation as published by the government printers in your jurisdiction.


Each relevant section of law is summarised, with succinct legal information, so that you know the answer to the question “what does the law require me to do?” for any given operational task.

2000+ Topics

Great technology together with specialist lawyers have made it easy for “non-lawyers” to find tailor-made legal guidance for any given topic applicable to your site.

Accessible anywhere

Technology platform independent and web-based, use on your Apple Mac, PC, tablet or phone.

Live Assistance

Embedded chat application allows you to contact lawyers easily.

Legal Compliance Audits

We conduct Legal Compliance Audits for clients, for the following categories of law:



(including Audits of Permit/Licence Conditions)

Food safety

Occupational health and safety

(including Mine Health and Safety)

We also provide:

Integrated Risk Assessment

Delivering a very innovative and necessary solution around the integration of operational Risk Assessments and Legal Registers, we can ensure that applicable legal obligations are identified per risk item and kept up to date on an ongoing basis.

Interpretation of legislation

Standards & Legal provides live assistance with the interpretation of the legislation and other legal requirements in your Legal Register as part of the Updating Service.

Standard Identification and Updating Services

Standards & Legal will work with you to identify which Standards are required, in terms of the applicable legislation and based on activities, by each site. A subscription to the identified Standards may then be delivered and kept updated in PDF format by Standards & Legal on your behalf.

Legal Compliance Checklists & Other Templates

Standards & Legal provides updated Legal Compliance Checklists for national, provincial and local authority legislation for the purposes of self-auditing. Other templates are also provided, such as for Letters of Appointment.

Desktop Research Studies

We assist our clients in knowing the legal considerations in regard to the environmental and occupational health and safety legal requirements for proposed expansionary projects.

For more information on any of the above services, or a demonstration, don’t hesitate to contact us.