ESG Legal Services Create Value and Mitigate the Risk of Losing it

For institutional investors, private equity funds, asset managers, and boards of companies, sustainability is increasingly considered through the lens of environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”). Well-managed ESG factors have been found to lead to financial out-performance through the creation of value and also through ensuring that value is not destroyed because of ESG risks materialising.

The sheer number of legal and voluntary ESG obligations most organisations have is overwhelming. Then add to this the frequency with which these ESG legal obligations change, as well as voluntarily adopted ESG obligations.

Standards & Legal; a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, assists with ESG legal services, through its innovative Platform ensuring that all people, at all levels, know what to do, all of the time. The Standards & Legal’s ESG legal services Platform helps ensure that the portfolio companies of your fund, or those of the funds your fund invests in, are above board when it comes to ESG legal obligations and associated legal liability. Simple and clear reports allow directors and fund managers to know enough to govern ESG factors well and discharge their fiduciary duties.

Our market-leading and trusted platform combines 25 years of experience in the realm of the operational management of environmental and social factors, with forward-thinking innovation to provide a convenient solution for boards and funds to govern sustainability strategically at the following stages of investment:

  • as an ESG scoping tool
  • as an ESG due diligence tool as well as setting the terms of due diligence from an ESG legal perspective
  • in setting the terms of acquisition agreements
  • in setting the terms of action plans
  • in ongoing ESG management of portfolio companies.

Peace of Mind

In a sea of constantly changing legal and voluntary ESG obligations, find out what the ESG legal obligations are and make sure that you achieve

ESG Materiality Management

Ensure you are focusing on the ESG legal risk factors that are material to your fund’s performance.