Management System Standard-Aligned Legal Registers

Obtain site-specific, online Legal Registers and the supporting legislation and other legal requirements Updating Service. The custom legal registers delivered through Libryo align with the following international management standards:


ISO 9001



ISO 14001



OHSAS 18001

Occupational health and safety


ISO 22000

Food safety


ISO 27001

Information security


ISO 50001

Energy management

Legal Register Features

Site specific

Perfectly tailored legal registers. No more digging through “haystacks” of legal information trying to find the guidance you need.

Full scope

“As amended” full-text legislation on a national and local level, as well as other legal requirements and other obligations which are legally binding.

Fully up to date

Receive daily updates of relevant proposed and final legislation as and when it is published.


Each relevant section of law is summarised, with succinct legal information, so that you know the answer to the question “what does the law require me to do?” for any given operational task.

2000+ topics

Great technology together with specialist lawyers have made it easy for “non-lawyers” to find tailor-made legal guidance for any given topic applicable to your site.

Accessible anywhere

Technology platform independent and web-based, use on your Apple Mac, PC, tablet or phone.

Live Assistance

Embedded chat application allows you to contact lawyers easily.

Platform Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with market leading EHS management software so that you can be sure your EHS management is aligned with the applicable regulations.

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