Formerly trading as The Environmental Law Consultancy (“The ELC”), our company was established in 1991 by Llewellyn Botha (BA (Hons), MA, Dip. Law). Its aim: to assist organisations and individuals with the law and related issues affecting environmental management in South Africa.

This was the first such consultancy to be established in South Africa.

In 1995, The ELC began providing occupational health and safety legal
compliance services.

In 1996, The ELC assisted the first ISO 14001-certified site in South Africa to achieve certification, by providing a site-specific environmental legislation register.

In 2001 we began providing our legal register on CD rom. As technology moved on, we created our first online legal register in 2007 – now we were on the world wide web! With innovation in our blood we set out in 2012 to create a cutting-edge and best of breed governance platform. Finalised by January 2013, the new system, titled the Standards & Legal Platform, had set the benchmark in governance platforms.

In April 2013, Standards & Legal provided the energy legal register (a component of its Platform) for the first site to be ISO 50001-certified in South Africa.

In 2014, the scope of the Standards & Legal Platform was extended to include Food Safety as required by FSSC ISO 22000 and in 2015, Information Management legislation and other legal requirements (including the requirements of ISO 27001) were added.

By now the ELC was so much more than an Environmental Law Consultancy, it became fitting to rebrand to Standards and Legal (S&L) which was done in 2015. Standards and legal the first of its kind to provide assistance in global management standards as well as providing a tailored online legal platform was running full steam ahead. With constant innovation the Standards and Legal Platform was taking on a life of its own and in 2017, Libryo, was birthed. Libryo saw the world as its playground, quickly developing into an international company that’s leading the way in knowing and managing legal requirements.

Standards and Legal, holding fast to their roots, provide the tangible out working of aligning organisations with International ISO management standards. We offer legal compliance audits, custom training and risk assessments that link to your legal register on the Libryo platform. Standards & Legal is a level 4 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor, and is 29% Black Women Owned.