A letter from, Peter Flynn, MD of Standards & Legal

Dear clients of Standards & Legal, and other friends,

You may recall when Standards & Legal was still called “The Environmental Law Consultancy” and when, in 2011, a new strategic direction was announced. This is when the current management team got involved.

Since then, we, together with a technology development partner developed a new legal platform, the Standards & Legal Platform, we rebranded to Standards & Legal and we have grown the range of legal domains that we service from environment (ISO 14001-aligned) and OHS (OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001-aligned), to now also include quality (ISO 9001-aligned), energy (ISO 50001-aligned), Food Safety (FSSC ISO 22000-aligned) and beyond.
More recently we have, this year, delivered legal registers for all regulatory law for a number of customers.

On the management system side, we have implemented a number of integrated SHEQ management systems for some large customers.

And we have done hundreds of legal and internal IMS Audits!

Today, Standards & Legal is proud to be servicing well over 200 Sites for nearly 100 large or listed companies in South Africa (and beyond into Sub-Saharan Africa) as well as, more recently, in the United Kingdom.

Accordingly, and in order to continue this growth story, Standards & Legal is excited to announce today, that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the London based Libryo Limited of the UK (“Libryo”). Libryo is a well-funded, UK-based LegalTech company, with a vision to obtain all legal content for the world and to thereby service a global market.

You can expect to read more about Libryo soon, in the South African press, or, if you’d like headstart, read this article which appeared on Yahoo! Finance this week.


Libryo purchased the development framework and code, which powers Standards & Legal Platform, from our development partner earlier this year. In time the Standards & Legal Platform will come to be known as the “Libryo Platform” (distributed by Standards & Legal ). For Standards & Legal, our strategic reason for partnering with Libryo is that it will ensure we can continue to provide world class solutions to the benefit of Standards & Legal customers in this rapidly evolving technology world.

Although nothing much will change in the short term, you can look forward to enhancements and improved functionality from the Libryo platform going forward.

Amongst a range of enhancements over the coming period, you can expect to see:

  • Improvement in the conversational searching element (many of our users are really enjoying the “chat “ feature, with over 800 conversations logged in 12 months)
  • Integration with enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (“GRC”) software (expect some announcements soon!)
  • Introduction of phone and tablet apps, with local/offline storage.

One thing, which some of you may be wondering is “will there be any change in terms of company numbers and so on, on our Vendor Database?” The short answer is, thankfully, “no”.

Lastly, in the press announcements, you will likely see me, Peter Flynn, quoted as CEO of Libryo. While I have been appointed CEO of Libryo, I also continue to be Managing Director of Standards & Legal, and I continue to be excited about and committed to Standards & Legal and its customers going forward.

Strategically, since Libryo is now managing more of the technology considerations around the Platform, Standards & Legal  will be able to focus more deliberately on providing quality consulting services around the best solutions for technology enabled management standards and legal compliance systems.

We are going to get even better at helping you to have world-leading management systems, automatically populated with all of the content you need to make well informed business decisions.

We look forward to hearing the thoughts, comments and questions any of you may have about this exciting new chapter, and look forward to a bright future together.

Kind regards,
Peter Flynn
Managing Director, Standards & Legal (Pty) Ltd
[email protected]
+27 21 702 7705