Libryo – now you know

Has the stress of staying compliant in a sea of ever-changing legal requirements become overwhelming?

Libryo is a world-class regulatory tracking solution that provides tailored legal registers for your business, constantly updated law at your fingertips.

Self-assessment tool – know what to do in order to comply.

Tailored legal register – you are only notified of the legal requirements that pertain to your organisation.

Updates and notifications – legal regulations are constantly updated, and users are notified of any changes to the law.

Translation functionality – summaries of the law can be read in the language of your choosing to assist global teams.

Document storage – site specific documents, as well as multi-site organisational documents can be stored in one place, making off site management much easier.

Team activity tracker – teams’ frequency and usage on their Libryo platform is tracked and reported back.

Compliance dashboard – view and track your organisations compliance status across all of your operations.

Search by topic – law is now searchable using a keyword search, e.g. waste.

Secure cloud-based regulatory platform – your online legal register is secure and accessible from anywhere, on any smart device.

With the long-term sustainability of your business at stake, Libryo is not only efficient and innovative, but truly essential.